chairmansmsgbnr10580242_815257885209629_914848845797140813_nK. A. Prabbu
Founder | Chairman


A nation that is highly successful, developed, and able to guide other nations on the right path requires right kind of citizens.  It is we ourselves, everyone of us, who make all the difference while our able leaders are busy projecting India at global domain.  Our country is a production house of GURUS from many walks of life.  It is this country, Bharath, that the world is looking forward to guide them in the proper direction.  Best citizens are created in best schools, best schools have to hire Best Quality Teachers.  It is these inspiring words our Prime Minister, Modiji always speaks about and we are quite serious on his desire.

Our eminent team of fraternity is committed on creating "Best Quality Teachers”.

This is a herculean task for sure, but not that tough to achieve.  Any individual,  group of teachers, trusts, societies, schools of all kinds, professional institutes in India and abroad can become part of this glorious profession.

Taking a franchise usually means investing lakhs on license and infrastructure, marketing, etc., etc., but our franchising starts at just Rs.10,000/- to offer a wide range of programs, courses, diploma, skill set development, self-employment options, and out of all teachers training being the most focussed activity in all our nationwide centers.

As a franchisee, we expect that the entity has at least 1000 sq.ft. of area with a normal classroom infrastructure to conduct counselling and courses.  This is a service oriented activity, which also ensures good returns on your commitment to create Best Quality Teachers to the world.

Visit our contact us page to leave a message, so that we can get back to you with an appropriate time and place for meeting personally and have a talk on how to take this further.