"Anyone Can Become a Teacher"

VIECCE Bangalore

     Vrinda Educational Academy (V.I.E.C.C.E.) takes great pride in creating efficient and best quality teachers for the world. We have achieved a milestone of training and placing thousands of teachers in a short span of 10 years with the help of child psychology experts and of course our great Indian wisdom that is carry forwarded by the lineage of Guru Parampara.

The future of this world has to be handed over to a population which is wise enough in terms of knowledge and strong academically. The children of this generation deserve proper foundation in education to reach the goals they want to achieve. Only a trained and efficient teacher can impart proper route map to a child’s goal to guide and redirect if misdirected.

The life of an individual transits from a newborn infant – adolescence – adulthood.

Education, knowledge, and wisdom forms the fundamental basics for the rest of the life. Teachers play the most important role in building a character and personality. Just like there is no home without a mother, there is no school without a teacher.

Teaching is easily confused with instructing with a set of books and readymade syllabus. The traits of a good citizen is developed from his teacher, parents, and school environment along with society, community, and nation who are all equally responsible to build the future for every child into the transformation of human being.

     We are looking for experienced teachers who can collectively impart “Best Quality Teacher’s Training” to eligible candidates and provide suitable employment to support her family or become an independent role model for others.

     Today, the demand for teachers has risen to multifold compared to just 5 years ago. Teaching profession can play multiple roles and support a family too economically.  Through the programs NTT and D.El.TEd, we are dedicated to help individuals become a successful teacher with a minimum qualification of 10th pass for a Diploma in Teachers Training and applied Psychology.

     Necessary approvals and registrations under the various acts of Central Government of India and Ministry of HRD is obtained for this purpose. The candidates can be rest assured that every person graduated from VEA gets the opportunity to render services for the country’s educational requirements, be it opening a self-owned play home, starting a career as a teacher in primary and pre-primary sections for any CBSE school, ICSE, or State syllabus schools in the country or abroad.   Students have enrolled into our Teachers Training programs from various countries like UK, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Japan, Malaysia, USA, etc.. and the list goes on and on.