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Nursery Teachers Training Course with VIECCE Bangalore

If you have a passion for working with young children and are interested in pursuing a career in education, then a Nursery Teachers Training (NTT) course may be the perfect choice for you. NTT is a training course designed to equip individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to work as nursery teachers in schools or childcare centers.

Course Overview:

The Nursery Teachers Training course is a comprehensive program designed to provide individuals with the necessary skills and knowledge to become competent and effective nursery teachers. This course aims to equip aspiring educators with the foundational understanding of early childhood development, teaching methodologies, and classroom management strategies. Whether you are a fresh graduate or a working professional looking to switch careers, this training will prepare you to create a nurturing and engaging learning environment for young children.

Course Duration: 3 months

Course Objectives

Develop a deep understanding of early childhood development theories and milestones.
Acquire effective teaching methodologies and strategies tailored for nursery-aged children.
Learn how to create a stimulating and inclusive learning environment for young learners.
Develop skills in planning and implementing developmentally appropriate activities and lessons.
Understand the importance of play-based learning and its role in early childhood education.
Gain insights into effective behavior management techniques for young children.
Learn to collaborate with parents and caregivers to support children’s holistic development.
Acquire essential health and safety knowledge for nursery settings.

Module 1: Child Development and Psychology

Introduction to early childhood development theories
Understanding cognitive, physical, social, and emotional development in young children
Observing and assessing children’s developmental milestones
Promoting healthy attachment and nurturing relationships

Module 2: Teaching Strategies for Nursery

Play-based learning approaches
Designing age-appropriate activities and lessons
Enhancing language and literacy skills in young children
Incorporating art, music, and movement into the curriculum.

Module 3: Classroom Management in Nursery Settings

Establishing positive and inclusive learning environments
Effective behavior management techniques
Routines and transitions in nursery classrooms
Promoting self-regulation and social skills development.

Module 4: Planning and Assessment in Nursery Education

Creating lesson plans and daily schedules
Assessing and tracking children’s progress
Individualized learning plans for diverse learners
Parent communication and involvement.
Module 5: Health, Safety, and Well-being in Nursery Settings

Health and hygiene practices in nursery classrooms
Safety protocols and emergency preparedness
Nutrition and wellness for young children
Recognizing and supporting children with additional needs.

Assessment Methods:

Practical teaching demonstrations with nursery-aged children
Written assignments and reflections
Lesson plans and curriculum development projects
Case studies and problem-solving tasks.

Upon successful completion of the Nursery Teachers Training course, participants will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to create a nurturing and engaging learning environment for nursery-aged children. Graduates will be prepared to pursue a career as nursery teachers in various educational settings, including nursery schools, preschools, daycare centers, and early childhood education programs.

Note: The syllabus and topics covered in this course may be subject to minor adjustments or updates based on industry trends and advancements in the field of early childhood education.

We invite you to embark on this fulfilling journey of becoming a skilled and compassionate nursery teacher through our Nursery Teachers Training program.